Can You Freeze Cooked Rice…?


can you freeze cooked rice

Can You Freeze Cooked Rice?

Yes, You can freeze cooked rice. We do it all the time at our house.  My wife found this out from her sister I believe.  But anyway we have been doing it for a long time.

It is really easy.  First you need to cook your rice.  We always add some black rice and a few beans to make it a little more exciting.  Then, when you have eaten all you will eat, simply put the rest of it in a zip-loc bag.

Freezing Rice Process

Then put your bag in the freezer.  We usually set it out for a bit until it is not so hot anymore.  This is more for making sure that our freezer doesn’t have to do too much work.

I am not sure how long you can keep rice in the freezer but we have kept it for a few days up to a week.  We eat rice every day so this is not a big deal for us, but if you want to know longer term… according to


How long does rice last once it is cooked? The shelf life for cooked rice — all varieties, including white, wild, jasmine, basmati, Arborio, brown — is as follows:

•          Refrigerator: 4 to 6 days

•          Freezer: 6 months (best quality only — foods kept constantly frozen at 0° F will keep safe indefinitely)

So that is a pretty long time.

Thawing Rice Process

Now that your rice is nice and frozen, what about when you are ready to eat it again?  Well that’s simple.  Simply take your ziploc bag out of the freezer and throw the whole thing in the microwave.  I usually open it up a bit just to get some air flowing.

This is a lot easier than taking the frozen rice out and putting it in a bowl.  I don’t do defrost on the microwave, just normal high setting.  I am usually doing 1/2 quart sized bags that are about 3/4 the way full.  And this takes about 4 minutes to thaw on high.

If you are worried about microwaving ziploc bags then you can take your rice out and put it in a bowl, but I have never done that so let me know if that turns out alright. Plus, quora says it’s fine.

Enjoy your rice!

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