Cucumber Sushi with Crab Meat

Mom has always been a great cook.  I’m not sure how she got this skill.  I never knew my grandparents but I have never heard anything about their cooking.

Growing up in Korea she learned a lot from the various relatives she lived with.  When I asked her if she learned cooking skills from them she said “Things were so different back then. They cooked a huge amount and in big pots.  I don’t think I could even do it again if I did remember”

I’m thinking that some of that wore off.  Or it is just skills picked up through the process of learning as she raised three kids.  

Recently Mom moved in with my wife and I.  It was a big deal for us because we live in Korea.  Mom hadn’t been back here to live in a long time.  But it is working out great.  She helps my wife and I with taking care of our kids.  Also she cooks for us!

Today she made this:

Cucumber Sushi

Even if you are not a fan of sushi this dish looks great.  It has no raw fish. You can use shredded imitation crab or even canned tuna

My wife loves to invite her friends over to our house.  They all love this dish.

It looks great.  It tastes great.  So I am going to ask her how she made it, takes some pictures and help you make it too.



  1. a long thin cucumber
  2. a bit of wasabi
  3. cherry tomatoes
  4. an onion
  5. imitation crab meat
  6. mayonnaise

She also used a little bit of plumb extract or a freshly squeezed lemon (not shown in the pictures because we didn’t have any today) for extra flavor.


  1. Chop up the onion
  2. Mix it in a bowl with the wasabi, imitation crab meat, and mayonnaise *add lemon flavor here too
  3. Mix this up really well with your hands
  4. With a potato peeler, scrape some thin slices of the cucumber
  5. Roll it around with your hand and set it up on a plate
  6. Fill it with the onion/crab meat mixture
  7. Slice the cherry tomatoes to top it off

Mixture with Mayo Mixed Wrap Finger add Mixture top with tomatoes